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Property for sale in Chad

Chad is a central African state that borders to the north with Libya, east with Sudan, southwest with Cameroon and Nigeria, west with Niger and south with the Central African Republic.

The capital is N'Djamena.

The real estate market in Chad is struggling to develop, as Chad is one of the three poorest countries in the world and is characterized by political and economic instability.

The properties for sale in Chad are not very numerous nor with good quality because you have to deal with a geographically remote, dirty and with limited infrastructure. Nonetheless, these challenges could represent an opportunity for the provision of affordable property for sale and financing for property for sale at affordable prices, given the desperate needs of the country.

Before deciding to buy a property for sale in Chad you should know that as in many African countries, the state possesses all private and public land, this means that all the land that is considered free or unoccupied is owned by the state.

The first city where to look for a property for sale is the capital, the city of N'Djamena which is the largest urban centre of the country, its political and administrative heart. There are two areas where looking  for properties for sale in the capital of Chad: the administrative area which is also the most westernized and the old part where historical buildings are concentrated.

Another interesting city where you can buy a property for sale in Chad is the city of Gaoui only 10 kilometres from N'Djamena. Gaoui is the capital of traditional culture Sao, a vanished civilization that had populated the entire area of ​​Chad.

The second largest city in Chad is Sarh, and is a very interesting place if you plan to move and buy property for sale in Chad.

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